Our Staff

Passion and awareness

Ours is a young staff but with a great experience already behind them and a clear vision: to carry on new ideas while always respecting our traditions.

Biagio Matera


The love for his land and his city is already written in his name, as well as in his destiny. A life spent living and breathing catering and hospitality brought him here: the rest is yet to be written.

Francesco Contini


For Francesco, loving the room means loving people. Every day he is lucky enough to interface with guests from all over the world and transmit the passion for his land, through a gastronomic and oenological inspiration.

Pompeo Lorusso


He grew up in Bisceglie and remained fond of the traditions of his country, mindful of childhood memories, linked above all to the experiences he had with his grandparents (greengrocer and fisherman), Pompeo in his dishes always tries to combine modern techniques and traditional preparations.